Re-Imagining Cryptography and Privacy (ReCAP) Workshop

The Re-Imagining Cryptography and Privacy (ReCAP) Workshop expands the space of the Community-Driven Cryptography Project, which explores the ways in which cryptography and privacy intersect with society toward designing, creating, and sustaining technologies that explicitly benefit marginalized communities. The focus of the ReCAP Workshop is Re-Imagination: identifying the aspects of cryptography and privacy technology production that contribute to marginalization, and solidifying approaches, ideas, and designs that center marginalized voices, resist toxic aspects of technology production, and leverage cryptography and privacy tools toward dismantling systems of marginalization. Like the Community-Driven Cryptography Project, the ReCAP Workshop seeks to build and sustain an interdisciplinary community of cryptographers, social scientists, humanities scholars, community organizations, industry practitioners, and technologists, and contribute to the broadening of access to the field.

ReCAP 2024

ReCAP 2024 is a hybrid workshop from May 2-3 that will take place physically at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) and virtually on Zoom. The workshop itself is free but we unfortunately we do not have travel stipends available for physical attendance this year and hope to secure funding in the future.


The workshop is open to all who register. To register, please fill out this form.

Session Topics


Submissions to ReCAP 2024 will be accepted on a rolling basis until the extended date of March 29, 2024. All submissions that fit the workshop topic(s) will be included in the workshop proceedings (published on the ReCAP website and as a printable zine), and as many submissions as possible will be included in the workshop program (depending on desired presentation format and volume of submissions per topic). To submit an idea, please use this link.

Submission Formats